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15 Apr

I have been dreaming of visiting Prague for a long, long time.

IMG_1086Prague is the city of a hundred spires. Plenty of opportunities for arial photos. The dramatic sky does not even need an Instagram filter.

IMG_1115The Charles Bridge is one of the most crowded tourist attractions I have seen. Except early in the morning when the tourists are still sleeping off the previous night’s revelry.

IMG_1050Dusk makes everything look mysterious.

IMG_1039A study in negative space.

IMG_1058You see David Černýs creations all over Prague. They make you wonder what he was thinking. And then you realize–you do not really want to know.

P1000023Have you seen this art for tourists, in which the city is all done in black and white, glistening with rain, and only a lonely figure or a couple dancing/kissing/walking hand in hand is bright red? Life imitating art.

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