Just Books

9 Feb

“They are just books!”

This is the quote that inspired me to write today. It is taken from The New York Times article on consumer reaction to increasing eBook prices. So a Mr. Wagoner expressed his dissatisfaction by stating: “They’re just books. I do other things other than reading.”

So what are the things that can occupy 2-3 days of your time and cost less than $14.99, which is the price that set people off on Amazon.com? Here are a few:

  • Facebook — endless entertainment, free, arguably intellectually stimulating. Afterall you can talk to smarter friends, play FarmVille, or have fun drawing fortune cookies
  • Twitter — succinct entertainment, free, you do not waste time reading things you do not like or that are too hard to comprehend. Ashton thanking God for semi-naked Demi can fuel your imagination for a long time.
  • TV — cable is not free, but you can get a month worth of it for less than $100. If you do the math, this is less than $4/day. And you can watch Jersey Shores.

There are other activities of course, but they are way above Mr. W’s price range.

One Response to “Just Books”

  1. History of Capitalism March 14, 2013 at 4:31 pm #

    Yeah but those other things rot your brain and ultimately require that you sell your soul.

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